Wedding Dance

Are you getting married soon? Congratulations! Getting married is a wonderful experience and every wedding day and dance is unique and wonderful. Do you feel like you have two left feet when dancing? Or do you have a basic knowledge of dance steps already but don't have the confidence to do a wedding dance? We can change that! I would be happy to listen to your wishes for your perfect wedding dance, create a medley of songs that hold special meaning for you and your partner and come up with a personalized choreography for your wedding dance. This way, you won't need to rush through a dance course where it takes years to learn impressive moves. Instead, learn a harmonious sequence of steps right from the start and maybe even one or two photo-worthy lifting figures for your big day. Instead of stressing yourself out with your wedding dance in addition to all the other preparations, you leave the work to me and come to the rehearsals together to have fun and leave the stress behind you for a moment!

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