dance on. thoughts off.

Feel the freedom of moving to music. Bailastudio connects people through dance. Our dance school emphasizes the joy of dancing supported by proper technique and helps you to find your individual dance personality.


...makes you feel happy.

...makes you meet new people.

...makes you be inspired and inspire others.

...makes you connect to yourself.

...makes you worry less.

...makes you learn more about your body. you more confidence in everyday life.

...makes you stronger and healthier. good for your body and your brain.

dance community


bailaforró is our community for forró dancers. Forró originates from the Northeast of Brazil. The dance has been influenced by various other dance styles and allows a lot of room for personal creativity. We are offering a wide range of courses, workshops and events. Check it out!

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fitness for dancers


bailafitness is our Fitness for Dancers community. Once a week, we meet to exercise with music to train our bodies in a way that keeps us healthy when dancing extensively.

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We are offering choreographies and shows for events. Moreover, we have a Choreography Group for Forró Dancers.

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dance with love

wedding dance

Are you planning to get married and in need of a Wedding Dance for your celebration? Receive personalized choreography and training to shine on your big day!

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